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Thank you for considering a stay at Kérity-Ki!

By booking your stay, you tacitly accept the following general conditions:

The rental of this property is offered by a professional owner (the "Owner") registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies of Basse Terre (France) under the number SIREN 882 879 406, under the ordinary conditions and law born of articles L.324-1 and following of the French Code of Tourism relating to furnished tourism classified, and the decree of May 16, 1967. The rental of this property was declared in the Town Hall of Penmarc'h on August 5, 2021. This community collects the tourist taxes through the owner-renter.

The parties are obliged to execute this contract, under penalty of all damages in case of serious breaches. The general contractual conditions are as follows:

1. Arrival times are normally scheduled in the afternoons from 4:00 pm; departure times are normally scheduled in the mornings before 10:00 am. The concierge may authorize different times if the property is not rented just before or just after this rental.

2. Except when other conditions are provided during booking process, it is agreed that in the event of withdrawal:

  • From the Guest :
    • more than two months before the effective date of the rental, the Guest loses 50% of the deposit paid;
    • between one and two months before the start of the rental period, the Guest loses 75% of the deposit paid;
    • less than one month before the effective date of the rental, the Guest loses the deposit paid and will additionally pay the difference between the deposit and the equivalent of the total rent no later than the first day of the rental that was envisaged, except in cases of force majeure.
  • From the Owner :
    • more than seven days before the start of the rental period, the Owner is obliged to reimburse the Guest for the full amount of the deposit paid;
    • within seven days before the start of the rental period, the Owner is obliged to reimburse the Guest twice the deposit, except in case of force majeure;

Refunds must be made within seven working days following receipt of a bank statement or by check within fifteen days following the effective date of the rental that was envisaged.

3. Any delay of arrival or early departure of the Guest cannot be compensated by the Owner. The Owner also reserves the right to rent out the accommodation to third parties until the day of the Guest's actual arrival or immediately after his final departure.

4. If the Guest does not show up during the rental period, he shall be considered to have withdrawn from the rental period and clause "2. From the Guest" shall apply.

5. An inventory of fixtures is signed by the parties. The inventory of fixtures of entry can be proposed by the Owner without joint visit of the places, in such a case the Guest shall make any complaint concerning it within 24 hours of its arrival. The exit inventory of fixtures is systematically the subject of a joint visit of the premises.


6. The Guest has the obligation to occupy the premises personally, to live in them "as a good father of family" and to maintain them accordingly. All the installations are in working order and any complaint concerning them occurring more than 24 hours after the entry in enjoyment of the places, could not be admitted. Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be charged to the Guest. The Guest has the obligation to ensure that the peace of the neighborhood is not disturbed by the fact of the Guest, his family or his relatives.

7. The premises are rented furnished with kitchen equipment, crockery, glassware, comforters and pillows, as they are, in the attached descriptive state and detailed at his arrival in the premises. At the end of his stay, the Guest always returns the property reasonably clean with its garbage emptied; he also pays at the beginning of his stay a cleaning fee at the rate of 120 € TTC; he can freely request, if necessary, the realization of an additional household at the rate of 80 € TTC at any time during his stay. The Guest pays the total value of the replacement price of objects, furniture or equipment broken, cracked, chipped or damaged and those whose wear would exceed the normal for the duration of the rental, the price of cleaning comforters returned dirty, an allowance for damage of any kind to curtains, paintings, ceilings, carpets, flooring, windows, bedding, etc. ... deducted from the deposit or added to it if the deduction exceeds its amount.

8. The premises can be rented at the express request of the Guest with linen at a rate of 10 € TTC / person.

9. The tourist tax is calculated on a base that varies according to the type of accommodation. It then corresponds to the product of the number of overnight stays and the number of persons subject to the tax who are not exempt (exempt persons: minors, holders of a seasonal work contract, emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing). The applicable rate is the one chosen each year by the municipalities of the Pays Bigouden. It can be consulted at https://paysbigoudensud.taxessejour.fr/

10. A € 3000 security deposit must be pre-authorized at least one business day before check-in through secured credit card recording. Other type of payment can be allowed upon sole Owner's discretion. The security deposit will be returned at the latest three weeks after check-out, except in the case of a partial or total retention.

11. The Guest may not object to the visit of the premises, reasonably requested by the Owner or his representative, during the stay.

12. Any payment not made by the Guest within the framework of the present contract will be regarded as a major violation of the will of the parties; the Owner shall immediately put the Guest in default to pay the sums due, any expenses of fees collection remaining with the load of the Guest which accepts them without restriction.

13. In accordance with the law n°2012-387 of March 22, 2012 and its article 96, the keeping of any animal in the rented property is prohibited. A deduction of the totality of the deposit shall be required by the Owner in case of persistent smell of animal noticed in the property at the end of the stay of the Guest.

14. The rented property is non-smoking. A deduction of the totality of the deposit shall be required by the Owner in the event of persistent odor of tobacco at the end of the stay of the Guest.


16. The Owner declares to insure the property in accordance with the regulations in force. The Guest declares that he/she has a "home" insurance policy with a civil liability clause covering his/her responsibility in case of problems during the rental of the property. Each party may request a certificate of insurance from the other party throughout the duration of this contract. The Guest is obliged to notify the Owner without delay of any damage to the property, its outbuildings or accessories.

17. In accordance with article 261 D of the French General Tax Code, this rental is exempt from Value Added Tax.

18. In accordance with article L.121-20-8 of the French Consumer Code, the seasonal rental is not subject to the right of withdrawal.

19. The subletting of the property by the Guest to any third party, even free of charge, is forbidden except with the prior written agreement of the Owner.

20. Any dispute arising from the present contract will be settled before the competent courts of Quimper, Finistère, France